About Greentree LLC.

Shop with GreenTree for the most reliable and natural beauty and lifestyle products available online across Dubai.

GreenTree LLC was conceptualized while on a vacation amidst the healing touch of Mother Nature. The endeavour was to make this soothing healing touch easily accessible for everyone who is busy but wants to stay connected to nature.

The stress of modern day world is immense which makes the path to holistic heath a little more difficult but not unrealizable. We at GreenTree take the onus on us to bring to you products that can lead you to a better, healthier and thus happier life.

GreenTree is a growing initiative that aims at bringing millennials closer to nature.

GreenTree has an extensive range of herbal products, power-packed with grandma’s secrets, to help you tackle various beauty concerns in a natural and organic manner. Our mission is to make beauty truly wholesome. GreenTree’s herbal range is result driven that are safe and organic.

We at GreenTree curate the choicest of herbs to provide you with easy to use herbal treatments for daily usage. We do understand that your time is at a premium but at the same time you do not want to compromise with your beauty regime.

Your health and beauty is our concern. Our philosophy towards beauty revolves around using nutrient-rich herbs to nourish the skin, scalp and hair.

The products are free from silicones, sulphates , petrochemicals, parabens and other harmful synthetic ingredients.

Apart from an extensive skin, hair care and colour range we also have –

Copper drinkware Yoga accessories Kitchenware Home décor

The health and happiness that we aim for can never be complete without working on the inside. The copper drinkware ensures that the water, most essential intake, you sip is fortified.

Quirky kitchenware and serveware are also on the platter. We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss that for anything.

Plus we also have the best of yoga and health aiding accessories to help you stay fit and healthy.

Also, who wouldn’t want a to be in a serene environment. We have for you charms and decoratives that ring in the good vibes in your home.

GreenTree is committed to bringing to your easy reach almost all products that you could find useful in stepping up your health quotient. Come embark on this journey with GreenTree towards a more beautiful and healthier you!