Herbal Brown Colour. – Chemical free hair color in Dubai

GreenTree Herbal Brown Hair Colour gives a natural hue to your hair. Apart from colouring the hair, herbal additives nourish and strengthen the hair. Say yes, to an everlasting youthful look without harming your hair with harsh chemicals.

GreenTree Herbal Brown Hair Colour is:

• 100 percent herbal and natural
• Herbal Henna and Indigo based
• Chemical Free
• PPD Free
• Ammonia Free
• Preservative Free
• Pre-oxides Free
• Metallic Salts Free

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GreenTree is a herbal store in UAE providing herbal hair products

Now you can colour your hair without the fear and guilt of damaging your hair. It is proven that chemical based hair colours do more bad than good for you.

But most of us because of lack of good and hassle free options continue to use chemical based colours that over a period of time lead to further greying of hair, brittle and weak hair and not to forget poor scalp health.

Some of us may not be aware that harmful chemicals present in the chemical based hair colours can get into our blood stream though the pores and reach each and every organ in the body. So it is not just the hair it’s the entire body that gets affected with those chemicals.

Here is your redemption – GreenTree Herbal Hair Colours are 100 per cent natural and herbal product. This herbal henna and indigo based hair colour contains natural herbs, that’s why regular use of GreenTree herbal hair colour gives strength and shine to the hair. It also conditions the hair and gives a healthy bouncy look to your hair.

This Herbal Hair Colour is:

Chemical Free
PPD Free
Ammonia Free
Preservative Free
Pre-oxides Free
Metallic Salts Free

GreenTree Herbal Hair Colours give a natural hue to the hair. Trust us, no one would be able to tell if you have coloured your hair. Say yes, to an everlasting youthful look.

GreenTree hair colours are the most appropriate hair colour for those who want to keep their look natural and simple.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
How to use

Brown Hair colour never gets out of vogue; give yourself a stylish appeal without having to worry about harsh chemicals.

1. Soak Herbal Henna overnight, mix Indigo powder 15 minutes before application.
2. Apply on clean hair using gloves.
3. Cover hair with shower cap and keep for 2 hours at least.
4. Rinse until water runs clear, do not shampoo.
5. Henna based colours need 24-48 hours to fully develop the colour on hair; shampoo is advised to be used after this period only.

Chemically dyed hair will need 2-3 henna application before brown henna can be used. Results may vary based on the natural colour of the hair.


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