Indigo powder In Dubai

GreenTree indigo powder is a chemical free hair color now available in Dubai and across UAE. Using indigo powder on hair also nourishes and protects it

Features and Details:

  •  100 per cent chemical free
  •  Colours, nourishes and protects
  •  Regular use of indigo on hair may even delay greying of hair.
  •  Treats dandruff and conditions hair.
  •  Approved by Dubai Municipality (Montaji)

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GreenTree Indigo Powder

Chemical free, plant-based hair colour

 The first sign of ageing is usually grey hair; lack of proper nutrients coupled with environmental pollutions adds to this problem. No doubt, the first grey hair can give anyone the chills.

These days even children in early teens are grappling with the problem and inadvertently resort to store-bought hair dyes that are convenient, certified as ‘safe to use’ but contain chemicals that are not good for your hair and overall health in the long run.

Then you may ask, is there any other alternative?  What’s the best way to colour grey hair? Not just grey coverage but in addition to being the best, it must be safe, chemical free and also nourishing.

All the above stated points definitely fit the bill of organic, herbal and plant based hair colour GreenTree Indigo Powder. GreenTree Indigo Powder when used on Henna dyed hair or mixed with henna gives a natural black and brown colour respectively.

Indigo is a chemical free colouring agent as it is derived from plant. When combined with henna or applied on henna coloured hair it makes for a 100 per cent chemical free and natural hair colour.

This natural hair colouring solution not only gives a lustrous colour but also ensures that the scalp is nourished.  It also treats dandruff and conditions the hair.

Who would say a natural hair colour could also offer such a wide range of benefits. Well, now that you do, let’s look at how you can color your hair black using henna and indigo!


Additional information

Weight 100 g
How to use

STEP 1: Mix Indigo in lukewarm water to get yogurt like consistency. Set aside for 10-15 minutes.
STEP 2: Apply using hand gloves from root to tip of hair.
STEP 3: Cover hair with shower cap. Rinse after 2 hours, no shampoo.
STEP 4: Shampoo can be used after at least 48 hours. It will take 48-72 hours for Indigo to oxidise and color the hair post rinsing.
STEP 5: For chemically dyed hair or first time Henna users, it might take 2-3 applications to get the desired result.


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