Mushroom Stone Massager | Knobble| Deep Tissues and Better Pressure Trigger Point Massage

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7th century An ancient tool made of natural stone.It is designed to massage the face for a cooling sensation,anti-inflammatory and lymph draining effect.Jade is considered as the stone of Eternal Youth.Tightens and sculpts the skin,Reduce wrinkle and puffiness,Improve elasticity of the skin,Promote blood circulation and skin elasticity,Perfect function in reducing wrinkles and fine lines,Relieves facial tension,Helps serums,oils,creams and facial mask penetrate the skin better

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  • ❥^ Material: Natural Stone, Alloy
  • ❥^ The gentle, relaxing daily massage therapy tones your facial muscles, reduce puffiness,improves elasticity, relieves tension and tightens sagging skin resulting in firmer, slimmer face. Prepare for your natural contour!
  • ❥^ These cooling jade tools boost skin circulation, stimulate collagen production and increase skin cell turnover. This results in a radiant and glowing complexion and a brightened under eye area. The massager motion also stimulates lymphatic drainage, removing toxins which can cause pimples around the chin & jawline. When your skin looks amazing, you feel amazing.
  • ❥^ Our will help your moisturisers and serums to deeply penetrate the skin layers, boosting hydration levels. When placed into the fridge/freezer 10 minutes before use this effect is multiplied. You won’t want to apply moisturiser by hand alone again!
  • ❥^ Daily use of our tools introduces special moments of relaxation and deep stress relief. The jade stone emits a special life energy flow waves, Chi, which have been used in Chinese culture for centuries to relieve stress and promote health and beauty in the skin.

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