Organic Wooden Spine Roller and Massager – Yoga Accessories in Dubai

This wooden spine roller and massager is best to get relive from back pain as it gently exerts pressures and nurtures your oblique muscles attached on both the sides of the spine. Its long stick and comfortable grip provides effortless movement.

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  • Relieve your stress with our best yoga accessories in Dubai and across UAE.

  • Uniquely designed natural wooden spine roller, Eco friendly and relieves pain and stress of attached oblique muscles of the spine.
  • Manually crafted long and comfortable grip for effort less movement; applies gentle pressure on the spine.
  • Balls scientifically positioned to release spinal pain. Deep muscular relaxation; Relieves stress.
  • Light weighted, manual, hand handled and easy to carry while travelling; Daily use for all fitness freaks
  • Superior quality wood used for stick and balls; Rollers circumference approx 15 cm; Stick length approx 24 cm.

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