Rose petal powder – Skincare in UAE

GreenTree Rose Petal Powder gives you a gorgeous looking skin.

• Rich in powerful antioxidants
• Soothes the skin
• Treats prickly heat and inflammation
• Treats acne
• Lightens scars

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GreenTree Rose Petal Powder

GreenTree rose petal powder provides hydrating skin care in Dubai

Because you are Born to Blush

 Rose – the queen of flowers is mostly associated with love. But you won’t anymore after reading further.

This flower is one of the best ingredients to be included in your daily skin care regime. Don’t they say you become what you surround yourself with? With this beautiful flower you can get a beautiful rosy and blushing glow.

According to Ayurveda, rose petals have the ability to soothe the whole body. Similar is the result for the skin through topical application on the face. Particularly helpful during the summers, GreenTree Rose Petal powder soothes an irritated skin, treats prickly heat and inflammation.

Rich in anti-oxidants, it is one of the best toners. It is also one of the best herbal treatments for acne, blemishes and scar lightening.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a Princess? This flower actually has the power to not only make you feel like one but also appear like one.

Say hello to gorgeous skin. Why not experiment with various additives to get many benefits out of the queen of flowers.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
How to use

STEP 1: Mix Rose Petal powder with suitable additive and make a smooth paste
STEP 2: Apply on skin and leave till dry
STEP 3: Rinse with cold water.


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